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Creating ESO: Trials

12-player Trials are coming with Craglorn. Find out what your group will face and learn how we created a new…

The Tamriel Chronicle, Issue #55

Discover new fan creations, from guides and articles to stories and music.

The View from Craglorn

Grab these new wallpapers and avatars and prepare for your expedition to the upcoming Adventure Zone.

New Craglorn Site

Visit the Craglorn site to learn more about what you’ll find in ESO’s first Adventure Zone.

Upcoming Community Programs

Find out how to get your guild in the spotlight and learn more about new post-launch website content.

The Tamriel Chronicle, Issue #54

Open up today’s issue and discover new fan creations, resources, and more.

Ask Us Anything: Craglorn

Today, we’re tackling your questions about ESO’s first Adventure Zone.

Harry Partridge on ESO

The YouTube comedian and animator goes back to Tamriel in a new cartoon. Sing along!

The Tamriel Chronicle, Issue #53

ESO has officially launched! Enjoy some new fan creations to continue the celebration.

Introducing Craglorn

Discover our first Adventure Zone in this video sneak peek.

Launch and New Trailer

Read a note from Game Director Matt Firor and watch the latest in our series of cinematic trailers to celebrate…

Essential ESO Tips

Read our collection of helpful tips and clarifications to help you on your adventures.

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