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Creating ESO: The Ogrim

The last thing many adventurers see is the fist of the brutish ogrim crashing down on them. Read on to learn more about this tough Daedra and how we brought it to life in The Elder Scrolls Online.

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Conflict in Cyrodiil, Part 1

War between the Alliances rages across Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online, and the province of Cyrodiil is the site of the fiercest battles. Control of the Imperial City could turn the tides of the conflict, and each Alliance is keenly aware of its importance. Find out how you’ll be able to aid your Alliance as it vies for the Ruby Throne.

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Ask Us Anything: Combat 2

Welcome to our second combat-focused Ask Us Anything. Once again, we’re answering your questions about combat in The Elder Scrolls Online. Read on for answers to more of your queries.

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Ask Us Anything: Combat

In today’s Ask Us Anything, we answer questions you sent in about combat and how it works in The Elder Scrolls Online. We have some detailed answers and new information for you, so read on to learn more.

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Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 2

In our last Ask Us Anything, we asked you for general questions about the game. You didn’t disappoint, and our community mailbox was full of your submissions. We’ve selected several to respond to, so read on for new answers to your queries about The Elder Scrolls Online.

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Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack

In our previous bi-weekly Ask Us Anythings, we asked for your specific questions about the three alliances. You had some great questions, and we hope you found the answers interesting! This week, we broadened the field and have answers on a much wider variety of ESO-related topics.

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Ask Us Anything: Daggerfall Covenant (Part 2)

Today, we’re presenting our newest bi-weekly “Ask Us Anything”, which continues to focus on the Daggerfall Covenant.  We received many interesting questions regarding this alliance, and we think you’ll enjoy the answers below.  Read on to learn more about the history of the Daggerfall Covenant, some factions and groups that you’ll come across, and encounters you can look forward to as a Covenant player.

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Alliances at War

In The Elder Scrolls Online, the Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, and Ebonheart Pact are embroiled in a full-scale war, but that was not always the case. What led each alliance to feel that war was the only option? What are their reasons and motives for fighting? Who are the key people and groups involved? In our latest developer video, “Alliances at War”, Loremaster Lawrence Schick answers these questions and more.

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Ask Us Anything: Daggerfall Covenant (Part 1)

We’re picking up right where we left off last year, and continuing our bi-weekly “Ask Us Anything” question-and-answer series with a new installment all about the Daggerfall Covenant. Read on to learn more about the cultures that make up the Daggerfall Covenant, their history and motives, and some of the areas you can expect to visit as a member of the Covenant.

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